Friday, May 23, 2014

We want to live!


The central and state governments must come together in a statesmanlike manner and solve the problems of polarisation between sets of people even though both the so called rich and poor classes are endowed with the same attributes of preserving energy in cycles of enjoyable use. Both individually produce electricity within their bodies at 1.2 volts and hundreds of amperes of current(100 watts peak power per person). The 2 crores unemployed therefore generate 2000 Megawatts of power and at least 700 megawattdays of power everyday. It is modern civilization with its jobless growth which is causing the suicide of living being right through to extinction of various classes of living beings. Hundred percent employment in decentralised cooperatives governed honestly can make India shining, entirely run by the extra-terrestrial energy and rays of the sun. For meeting water needs, ecologically feasible millennium year long reforestation is infinitely superior to dams without their cumulative extinction effects. There is no dearth for creativity with the slogan environment is development. Most of the rural areas can be immediately powered by the bicycle and its electric dynamo. The dynamo may be detached from the cycle when the sun goes down and placed on the table in the table lamp while people with beautiful paunches ride the stationary cycle and output their energies recycling them all at infinite efficiency! We need not mine fuel and instead leave to the sun to drive life on earth at zero cost: Gross National Happiness -please replace this masturbation of modern civilization.

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