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The Lesser Known But More Horrible American Holocaust
By Sukumaran C. V.

From the U. S., a land from which the native inhabitants have completely been disinherited and eliminated through violence by the white settlers the so called civilised race, let's come to Kerala to witness somewhat the same fate of another native people —the adivasis of Kerala .None of their arable lands is now in their possession and all their fruit and tuber yielding hills have been encroached and deforested. They dwell in the periphery of our democracy as outcasts or rather as an eyesore to the mainstream ‘WE' the ‘civilised' and ‘civilising' people. Even the mass death of their infants due to malnutrition is used to gain political mileage! In the arena of the political mud-slinging they are used just as the mud and that is their utility.

The basic principle of modern civilization:
To see the separate existences apart and seeing them apart holding it to be true.
The basic principle of normal civilization:
To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate, the one Inseparable.
Most recently(1908) Mahatma Gandhi warned:
"Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself."
The destruction is causing extinction.

The cycle of life is being violated by modern civilization causing the extinction of life.

Trees are infinitely superior to dams.
Sun is infinitely superior to energy production in a specialist society.
Return is responsible for infinite efficiency and zero cost and full enjoyment of work in a normal way of life.
Modern civilization practices waste instead of return.

The Onset of Pralaya:
Disregarding the economy of nature and practicing a parallel waste economy based on mining and destruction of nature.

Reforest Mother Earth to Live!
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