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United Front to ensure democracy delivers justice

The specialist foci must harmonise with nature. People fighting specialist battles must come under one umbrella to build awareness on the characteristics of modern civilization by recognising that all the problems have a common thread. Thus they all should come to recognise the root of all their problems: Modern civilization rests on a false foundation that we can extract materials from the earth because they are separate. By recognising the truth that all are rigidly interconnected, we shall change to a way of life in harmony with nature. Consider the following discussion on the Kosi problem, the dams, the forests, the energy problem and the genetically modified organisms.


The broad picture of modern civilization being the cause of misery of people in the Kosi area was being missed while attacking apparently the very special Kosi fan problem. This was the reason for trying a different and truer perspective of handling the one major problem-modern civilization-while tackling such individual problems. This was my reason for bringing in apparently diverse issues, because the almost half century of fight against the powers on the solution to this or to any other problem has proved futile. It always resulted in bypassing any opinion other than the officialese on the Kosi problem or the nuclear issue or the food issue(GMOs) or any issue you may raise. They all have a common underpinning, fascism- we usurp all the power- we control everything. We dont care about the Kosi fan people or the people of India for that matter!
So the focus on the Kosi problem must have this broader perspective which will not be available until we solve the root cause of neglect of ALL people's problems. In small self sufficient communities we design around our ignorance and automatically local solution may prevail as the perfect design. Shri Mishra's solution(to the Kosi problem) is elegant and applicable to a host of similar situations, if only we choose normal civilization based on harmony with nature and apply it to local circumstances.
In the article Is justice in or out ?(See Reference 1 below) I have brought out the central dogma of modern civilization and set it out against its problems= making us labrats even to the extent of ushering in extinction. When we neglect to respect the fundamental behaviour of nature and volunteer to go against her, beyond her benign margins, what do we see in Kosi? Kosi fan rebels against this, breaks all the barriers, whether it is done by the people or the river. We cut forests and build dams and when the result is extremes of rainfall patterns, the dam is subject to patterns of surges of inflow much beyond its design basis and fails, or the canal side fails and makes the entire river go to its natural course instead of the narrow path it is forced to follow by specialist design. The interconnections of nature are ignored and man-made forces build up stresses within the earth and climate change results! For example, climate change causes forces resulting in violent vibrations of the foundation of the dam itself and sooner or later it goes beyond its design basis(Reference 2). The ageing of these structures is another issue that has been neglected. In other words nature's interconnections via the giant pumping actions of trees and the sun and underground water flow and riverine flows are replaced by forces created by dams new to nature! This ends in nature's break up resulting in earthquakes and aggravation of climate change and thereafter nature turns round and destroys man's creations set up apart from nature!
It is now a simple matter to see how the same ignorance drives the biotechnology regulatory authority of india (brai) bill as brought out by the Reference 1 below: Just in 2009 they(the specialists) discovered that the central dogma of molecular biology is false! One gene does not result in one protein! A mixture of genes and other properties of the cell in unknowable interconnected fashion result in a given trait of a given creation of life! This rigid interconnectedness limits by evolution the great creations of nature to the myriad forms and characteristics we observe and we have not observed! To forcibly cut a particular gene string from one organism and introduce into another organism destroys the natural attributes of the organism into which the gene has been spliced and the resultant would be having totally different characteristics from what was intended! Thus a particular trait is unique to that particular organism created over many generations! Thus the specialists would like to try the new scheme on nature and on us LABRATS, exactly as the specialist engineers ignoring the interconnections of nature, spliced in the Kosi snake against the will of Kosi, the people of the area and the fan!
Understanding the problem this way, we the people will all come together to defeat the fascists' ignorance and place before us all how nature works. And incidentally, we, enountering seemingly myriad problems, will at once see: Ham sab ek hai! Our problems all have a common root: Modern Civilization.
So the fishermen's problems become the Kudankulam struggle's problems or of the Jaitapur struggle's or of those fighting the Corruption issues or indeed the dam issues and the forest and river issues and the question of deficit financing and the question of grains rotting or the FDI retail or the displacement issue and we all land into one struggle within the constitution and sow the seeds of a normal civilization(Reference 3).
Mahatma Gandhi saw through the interconnections of these myriad problems and proclaimed as long ago as 1908: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself! But he did imply it will destroy life itself. So people facing all shades of problems, unite under the banner of harmony with Mother earth or perish!
Democracy can be hijacked by fascists- the fellows who will usurp everything from most of us and leave us to extinction. Nuclear power and biotechnology are just two pillars of modern civilization(mc) based on false premises- witchcraft masquerading as science. This sad picture of democracy shows that mc has failed completely and we must embrace the fundamental principles of a normal way of life which recognises that we must adopt only ways of living which can design around our ignorance. Only this, while recognising the interconnectednes of everything in nature, will enable living in health here and now, without us becoming labrats of specialist societies. mc has become a playground for the dangerous unacceptable ways of specialists who claim to know everything and bypass democratic principles reducing us to slaves. People should all get together in each and every state to ban modern civilization's excesses constitutionally: Revolution!
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