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Is Justice In or Out?

With 7 Billion plus is Justice In or Out?
By R. Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E(Power), Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal,
299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007. Tel: 02223872061
30 May 2010
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Keys: Civilisation,modern and normal;knowledge,true and imperfect;GMOs,Nuclear power,dams,TENORM,risks.

“He who knows not,
and knows not that he knows not,
is a fool; shun him.

He who knows not,
and knows that he knows not,
is a student; Teach him.

He who knows,
and knows not that he knows,
is asleep; Wake him.

He who knows,
and knows that he knows,
is Wise; Follow him.”


Latest news of injustice : The ongoing TENORM disaster at Thoothukudi: Read the ISIS account: Incorrigible specialist's Infinitely Stupid omnicide:
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Modern Civilisation is abnormal. The biggest culprit is specialisation - a specialist society, a new caste system infinitely more dangerous than that in the Hindu religion. Knowledge in such a society is imperfect. It sees the separate existences apart and seeing them apart, holds it to be true. Whereas a normal civilisation is based on true knowledge: To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate,the one inseparable. The aim of normal life is to live in health here and now by designing around our ignorance(1). The aim of the modern is to commercialise everything, even life(2). While in the USA and similarly placed nations(so far a handful) Genetic Modification(GM) has widely infiltrated into food, India is in the comfortable position of self sufficiency in non-GM food assuming a responsible public distribution system is put in place soon so that the poorest of the poor are healthy with access to healthy affordable food here and now(hence non GMOs(Genetically Modified Organisms)). There is absolutely no case for GMOs in India, she being the home of many foods including grains, fruits and vegetables in plentiful supply.
In the process of profiteering, imperfect knowledge never ever graduates to perfect knowledge(It is highly profitable to have an ill informed public). So imperfect knowledge sows the seeds of the destruction of modern civilisation. “Given enough time, modern civilisation will destroy itself”, as Mahatma Gandhi put it way back in 1908. But the destruction takes in its wake prematurely more than 4 billion lives as three identical predictions made by eminent social observers in vastly differing times and spaces indicate: Vyasa (3200 BC), Vira Brahmendra Yogi(1560 AD) and Nostradamus(1560AD). After the transition now in force from a way of life based on untruth to one based on truth, the remaining human beings will perforce abide by the truth.
Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of the normal ensured that all activities were geared to better the condition of the poorest of the poor here and now. He made enjoyment of living energy of the mind and body central to a normal civilisation which was based on the principle of return-return all you took in a form useful to life always. His constructive work gave life to handloom cloth and small self sufficient communities.
The good life based on the inseparability of its members does not allow inferior ways of life like the following:
1. Destruction of forests even for a good reason and carrying on with less efficient ways of living on such land.
2. Transforming groundwater storage to surface waters through a massive programme of dam building.
3. Make many activities of modern civilisation dependent on centralised generation via distribution schemes in low efficiency equipment like vapour compression air conditioning.
4. Gargantuan demands of water for various felt needs like irrigated agriculture, industry
including thermal and nuclear power station programmes which are forever net energy consumers when the overall inputs and outputs are included in an energy audit including wastes of the overall process.
This results in increasing requirements of other forms of electricity production to meet nuclear industry demand.
5. Enormous electricity production in this way results in need for enormous capacity installation of hydro-generation to meet sudden energy and power demand changes simultaneously across nations.
6. Sudden electricity demands and other consumptive industrial and domestic water needs
simultaneously across nations cause sudden surges of water pressure at the centres of gravity of water masses behind dams. Such sudden water pressure changes amount to order of magnitude higher water presssure heads than the height of Mount Everest every second( of the order of magnitude of 100 kilometers every second). The forces and bending moments unleashed are of the same order as for earthquakes, including major to great earthquakes. These enormous sledge hammer effects cause surges of Love and Raleigh waves to travel continually through the crust of the earth, causing enormous friction heat to be developed across every fault they encounter. Such processes result in hotspots across the globe, in a positive feedback to the earth’s intrinsic control mechanism resulting in rock melts and earthquakes. Such shocks cause strains to rise in surges across the globe. These result in further hotspots. The temperature differentials result in cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, landslides,
tsunamis, fires,deaths and destruction very very frequently. As dams and power stations continue to increase, these problems intensify catastrophically. These are the safety lacunae not addressed by water demands met by dams. Such weather changes on a continuous basis are major components of what is being experienced as climate change by man.
7. Such man-made natural disasters are resulting in sudden hotspot clusters affecting even
airplanes,when they pass through such sudden steep gradients.
8. Such sudden surges go beyond the design basis envelopes of airplanes,trains,buildings,bridges.
These result in crashes,derailments,destructive fires,bridge collapses(To get a sense of the problem see, and ).
9.When devastating earthquakes begin to occur at nuclear power station locations, the nukes go
beyond their design basis envelopes and explode spewing into the globe far and wide catastrophic amounts of radioactivity, making everything radioactive(Genpatsu Shinsai/Chernobyl Syndrome). People then do not know whether to go in out. At Kashiwazaki Kariwa in Japan this scenario came near to occurring. And Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl.
The 20 km radius evacuation zone around the stricken nuclear park at Fukushima means a potential forest with enough biomass density to be a 1200 GW power flow has been replaced by a death dealing big big radiation zone for a long time- not even a 9.9 GW nuclear plant! Japanese want a phase out of the permanent waste park that nuclear plants in Japan and elsewhere are!
10. One of the most destructive features of modern civilisation is that its designs are based on ignorance of their effects in practice. The other classic example apart from nuclear power programmes is the GMO. So many GMOs have come into ignorant public use based on witchcraft. Example: In deep ignorance it was assumed that GMOs and traditional foods are substantially equivalent, based on a false central dogma of molecular biology, which claimed a gene to behave in isolation in the production of a protein. By 2009, the specialists found that the gene is networked. This gave rise to the serendipity that a gene which had a certain characteristic in a certain host when introduced into another organism
resulted in a product new to nature! Note that all the while nature is working while the specialist
revelled in ignorance of her workings and based his designs of nuclear reactor fuel cycles and GMOs on premises based on ignorance-witchcraft. And subjected millions of people and animals to dangerous tremendously increased health risks. Totally unpardonable! Untested new organisms were put up in the market cleared by the relevant food and drug administrations. Does it ring a bell with BP gulf gush? There is nothing more tragic than ignorance in action.
11.The ENCODE and GRID projects not only brought out the ignorance of the specialists regarding the true nature of GMOs and nuclear risks, but also the false premises on which safety regulations of such activities are based. Internal radiation contamination played havoc on the networked gene. The introduced gene into the traditional food became infinitely dangerous to life.The so-called junk DNAs were active participants in the DNA processes of metabolism and non-clonal reproduction and created risks which were found to be orders of magnitude higher than that assumed by the ICRP regulations which were really PRE-DNA witchcraft based on extrapolating the effects of external radiation! This paralled the false and unsafe presumption of GMOs being substantially equivalent to traditional foods and crops.
Why are GMOs not the way to make food?
Because in nature everything is interconnected. So really nature puts a limit to the direction in which life evolves. So tearing a gene apart from one seemingly separate life form and introducing it forcibly into another, breaks this rigid interconnection which assures health here and now! Since the effects of interconnection in resulting in evolved health are unknowable because of the myriad interconnections and we have to eat the successful foods to live in health here and now, we must design around our ignorance by practicing the principle of return. Hence GMOs are not food. They are by the application of the precautionary principle something which we must avoid. Hence the normal way of life(1).
12. What then is the priority for countries like India?
The Public Distribution System(PDS) must be assured to help better the nutritional status of the poorest of the poor members of the community so that the human rights are not trampled upon. The PDS must have as its input healthy food.
13. Take up the millennium challenge to live in small or manageably small self-sufficient communities and design around your ignorance so you can live in health here and now. Health is not just absence of disease- it is a state of mind and body in harmony with nature.
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Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

This what is lacking: Information must be issued prior to decision by farmers as to the unacceptability of Bt.
They must be told why nature is best. And the way to prevent diseases in plants by practicing diversity and return.
To replace nature which has evolved brinjal over millions of years by a technological product which is immature and irreversibly dangerous and whose composition is not told to them is a crime lasting generations. Bt just does not recognise the unknowable nature of the myriad interconnections! See Is Justice In or Out?/Ramaswami Ashok Kumar.

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...


India must never degenerate to gene editing. We must regenerate degraded nature ecologically. We have a task of reverdure ahead of us and ecology restoration and bringing back species. The problem is brought out in Is Justice In or Out?/Author. It is Goedel and the Gita. SEE