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The Malin Landslide of 29 July 2014 at 2330 hrs UTC

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The landslide at Malin, Ambegoan, Pune at 2330 hrs UTC on 29 July 2014 was caused by the world’s dams aided by deforestation in the area in the foothills of the Sahyadris. See Table MALINLANDSLIDE:
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The surge that arrived at the landslide was applied by a sudden water pressure head difference estimated at 253 million kilometers at the center of gravity of the world’s dams at 25.43, 113.047. The surge applied a water moment at the hillside equivalent to a great damquake of moment magnitude 8.63 MM great damquake. Such a huge applied surge by the sum total of the effects of the world’s dams would have caused the landslide whether there was deforestation or not. Deforestation has the effect of causing soil erosion and loss of groundwater charging with consequent loss of the atmospheric distribution of water by trees and other plants by osmosis and transpiration through the energy of the extraterrestrial source, the sun. The risk of earthquakes is inversely proportional to the dry biomass density of the world’s forests, at constant dam capacity. The risk of earthquakes at constant world forest dry biomass density is directly proportional to the dam capacity of the world.

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