Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kudankulam or any nuclear power programme will not give any power to Tamilnadu!

Re: Indian Express, Kudankulam: Efforts on to make 1st reactor operational quickly
Agencies : Chennai, Sat Apr 28 2012, 15:53 hrs
I will tell you a secret of India: India began its nuke industry via its research facility BARC in late 1950s. Its 2012, what is the nuke capacity? 4780 MW. Total thermal, hydro and nukes 199627!Thus right today the percent nukes is 2.34%!
Dont you find that it is a commendable feat? Let us hope that they will have no more nukes. But nuclear terrorists are embarking on a continuation of the nuclear war to reach 63000 MW by 2032. And of course grow further! And year after year the society will not get any electricity outside the nuke industry(cost per unit infinity).
There is no pure reason for the non harmonised.
The superior way
Use enjoyably living energy by pedal power driven generators via grid tie inverters plugged on to the grid. The Indian population at 100 watts per head will generate a peak power of 500 million people of 50000 MW in two years! Use vapour absorption ac and save 65000 MW electricity.
Think outside the box. People produce outputs useful to society like electricity. Their excreta are gratefully accepted by mother earth. Nuclear wastes must be isolated, practically forever from mother earth.
Mahatma Gandhi's exhortation is more relevant today: Production by the masses!
The land use by living energy production and use is minimal at 1000 MW per Nuclear power does not give any net energy to society and hence land use is negative! People pass away and are gratefully accepted by mother earth. People non clonally reproduce in love and they are sought to be controlled! And they want to manufacture nukes and what reasoning guides them to this bankrupt policy? Note that when the 1000 MW are produced by by No 1 at Kuda, 667 MW or more goes towards the production of one more unit, Kuda 2. But if two units are to be constructed at Kuda, 1334 MW are gobbled by the programme. Where will they get the 500 MW extra? From coal of course and hydro! So really there will be no power available to society. Any amount of shouting will not make available any power from Kuda 1! And so on. No power ever to Tamilnadu! Be rational and accept the facetiousness of the programme. Stop the ludicrous nuke programme in its tracks. See the explanatory note below.
The illustration of Kuda 1, Kuda 2 and so on is rigourously put in the form of a Table for the Indian Nuclear Programme in the URL
You will note in the Table that even after 28 years the programme of 24000 MW capacity installation still is taking  8000 MW from society. Note that the programme does not stop at 24000 MW, it wants to have 63000 MW by 2032!

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